Passionate: Success is a dream outside but at QANMOS College we work to make it a passion.

Dependable: We have dependable relationship with our students. We deliver on our commitments and help students realize their dreams. Loyal: Loyalty to the nation and country is not only nurtured but is also the focus.

Consistent: We work to make sure our students and faculty remain consistent, focused and ever striving.

Honest: Honesty is just not a virtue but also our integral strength to bear.

Efficient: Education is tough and getting results is tougher. Efficiency is the name of game.

Innovative: We innovate to make our system more result oriented and efficient.

Motivated: Motivation is not an inborn human trait. Our perpetual effort and well-orchestrated design keeps the learners motivation up. Optimistic: Optimism is the best friend at hand, and tough foe to stand against. It opens new avenue and helps us to see what Is missed otherwise,

Inspiring:Teachers are our most influential resource, they are instrumental in keeping the students inspired.