Qanmos College

In 2010, Qanmos College were launched in Lahore, to impart conceptual and comprehensive teaching at intermediate level and graduate level. Having achieved extraordinary appreciation from the students and their parents, within a span of 5 years, today there are 3 campuses in Lahore.

In these years, the students from Qanmos Colleges have done wonders not only in board exams but also in entry test examinations leading to the country’s most well-acknowledged universities and higher education institutes. The spirit of integrity and the zeal for hard work has earned Qanmos Colleges a distinct position, among the leading educational institutions. QANMOSIANS enjoy, learn and benefit frorn their life – long relationship with Qanmos College.

What makes education special for them, is the rigorous schedule of academic work and the professional skills of teachers in stimulating the student’s learning to the optimum level.

• Comprehensive study sessions ensuring excellent results.
• Timely course completion covering all subjects
• Disciplined, friendly and learning environment
• Preparation, practice & evaluation sessions
• Equal emphasis on theory and practical
• Highly quaffied and experienced faculty
• Qanmos exclusive books, test and assignments
• Grooming and counseling sessions
• Awards and scholarships for talented students
• Special rebate for Qanmos alumni, QANMOSIANS and their siblings